Monday, August 29, 2011

OUCH!! (Motorcycle Accident)

found this though I would share, this will not harm your computer, I'm not trying to hack into anythin, but....

The following page contains mature subject matter and is suitable for adults only. If you have a weak constitution or are easily offended by frank language, scatological or off-color humor, or by strong sexual content, please do not continue. Please.

I mean it.

Really I do

Javaris Crittenton Posterized!!! (NBA Lockout Edition)

as seen on tmz.

TMZ Report's:
Cops in Atlanta have issued an official WANTED POSTER for former NBA player Javaris Crittenton -- who is suspected of murdering a 22-year-old woman in Atlanta earlier this month.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fantasy Football

Sup Guys, for those who are interested in the upcoming NFL season, you can always make it more exiting by joining the Fantasy buzz.

I have set up 2 leagues for this upcoming season, one if for the brave and the bold with a $20 buy in (due b4 week 3)

and the other is just for fun to get the experience in.

Anyone is welcome to join, Live draft is at your own, if you guys want to get together, drink some beers, and do it we could set something up. But for now, making it easy on you guys.

For league information Click Here

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Xolos' Number 15

My Bid for Joe Corona's call up to the USMNT. A Los Angeles born winger for the Xolos of Tijuana.

The kid has been having a good year, helping take the Xolos to the Primera Division in Mexico by scoring a goal, and giving and assist. Giving Tijuana it's first ever professional soccer team at the top division. The kid even scored their first ever goal in la primera, and has tallied 2 goals in 5 matches.

But the stats are not what makes him. His game play is solid, keeping the ball rolling with minimal margin or error. He has become a great threat for opposing teams, even with the close and tight defense on him, he remains calm. Many players loss confidence when making a mistake. Joe stays cool and keeps on improving during the game.

and well... duck it, just read Jeff Carlisle article in ESPN about him:
TIJUANA, Mexico -- As Joe Corona sat underneath the stands of Tijuana's Estadio Caliente, he looked content. Despite the fact that he can play international soccer for any one of three countries, there were no obvious signs of inner conflict, no indication of being torn in two. The reason for this is simple: He has been dealing with the push and pull of competing cultures for much of his soccer playing life.

Born in Los Angeles to a Mexican father and a Salvadoran mother, Corona, 21, has been turning heads in the last year for Mexican side Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente. (The club name, shortened to Xolos, refers to a breed of dog native to the region). With his sublime technical ability, vision, and goalscoring instincts, he helped Xolos gain promotion from Mexico's Liga de Ascenso and into the big-time that is the Primera Division. He has already made a splash this season, scoring two goals in six games while playing mostly as a wide midfielder. And his array of skills would clearly benefit any one of three different national teams for which he qualifies.

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1st Soccer Practice!!!

WOW, when i signed up i knew i was going to go though some hard time teaching these little girls (6-7 year olds), but i sure didn't expect this. I went into the first practice without knowing what to expect and all we did was pas the ball.

Surely some girls know how to play, but it's the other ones that don't that are just doing anything they want without listening.

Well, after the first practice, i should know what to expect tomorrow at practice again. The girls didn't like my idea on the team name, so i let them chose. So now, we are the Cheetah Girls.

It's a bird, it's a plane

What do I do on my free time.... Well now I'm coaching a girls soccer team... Now to work on the team banner

Monday, August 22, 2011

Santos vs Morelia: Gunshots in Torreon

Credit: REUTERS/ Alejandro Jimenez Aguilar
With the lack of soccer activity this past weekend for me, it wasn't until I arrived to the office when a co-worker mention if I saw what happen in Torreon during a Santos vs Morelia match. With the help of the interwebs, and youtube i saw something that should never happen in any sport.

It was on the 40th minute of the first half when gunshots where heard around Estadio Corona. It was the 4th official who's whistle was heard while running towards cover. The fans in the stadium all ducked down, while the players in the field rushed out to the tunnels. There was a firefight happening just outside the stadium, where a pick-up truck belonging to some narcs was held up on a ARMY Checkpoint. It lasted a while and when it stopped, the fans in the stadium all ran for the exits.

The big questions now concern the negative impact of this event. What are some of the potential repercussions for the Mexican game that was riding a wave of success following Chicharito’s success, the Gold Cup, the U17s World Cup win and the U20s finishing third place in their recent World Cup?
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the sour taste in your mouth.

Everything has its limits, all things do come to an end. Even with previous experiences, you'll always tend to go at it again. Maybe it's just me, but sometimes i cant help it. I would think i've change, but i still dont know if it's worth it.

It's always easier to give advise to people, but sometimes its hard for you to take your own advise. It's possibly that extra motivation one gets form some one else telling them what they already know. Or maybe we are just stuck in denial. Sorry if i don't make sense, but if you can see I'm in a bit state of confusion. I would always have a person to talk to in these situations.

i just lost my train of thought.

see the next post why. :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

talking about her.

Sometimes its easier to write about other people then your self. I would say I just met her, but its been a while already, to put the exact date on it, it was on May 28th this year. The only reason i remember that is because it was the day ManU lost to Barcelona in the Champions League Final :) We started to get along really quick. Kind to think of it, I can't seem to remember a day i didn't see, talk, or text her since then. So I'm pretty sure i can come up things to say about her.  

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and make sure you check her blog out

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teck Bank: Blogger Tutorial - How to Create a Successful Blog...

Teck Bank: Blogger Tutorial - How to Create a Successful Blog...: Blogger Tutorial - How to Create a Successful Blog on Blogspot


Ever since the shutdown of Limewire, most of you have been asking me where to download music. Well unfortunately I just started buying the music on iTunes. But there is another way.

I don't know how many of you guys know or have heard about GROOVESHARK. Well, little brief info on it. Grooveshark is a free online jukebox service where users can search for tracks and listen to them through a Web-based player that can be controlled just like a software jukebox application click here
to read more about grooveshark

Now there is a way to get the music from there. There is a ad-on on the mozilla firefox that allows you to rip music off from Grooveshark. You can download the ad-on by clicking here or the link at the bottom of this post

to pretty much help you out, I found this video that could demonstrate how to get music for free :)

if you guys have any problems let me know, write a comment below and i'll be glad to assist you.

Firefox Download:
Orbit Downloader Download:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

trip to HDC

Sorry... No pix, phone's battery life sux, but great time with friends, family, and JJ.

About 8,000 people showed up to watch the game last night, pretty small crowed, easily got my hands on 8 ticket for $5/each. I arrived at the game late, as someone had forgot to print out the ticket (me). But at the moment i was walking down to my seats, AJ DeLaGarza's past inside the penalty area was good enough so Adam Cristman could tap it in for the 1-0 lead.

Adam Cristman was involve, i was not to happy with his performance, then i notice something... Dude has done more then JPA did all year, so I give him a pass.

The game we pretty exiting, Motagua's keeper really had long night. Even getting lucky when Cristman attempt to push it the ball in with his chest failed.

It wasn't until the 2nd half when the Galaxy closed out the game with a nice Beckham to Donovan goal. Looked so nice, and looked so natural. The game ended a 2-0 victory for the Home team.

We had fun, we had beer, and we had cotton candy. Even JJ was exited to see the Becks. (jealous.jpg).


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Galaxy Game Days

For those who don't know by now, This year I've been emotionally attached to the Soccer world like no other. Today, Our beloved team of Los Angeles faces off, in what has to be a great game versus Club Motagua from Honduras. This game is for the CONCACAF Champions League.

The week started with the signing of Irish footballer Robbie Keane. This ends the spell of Juan Pablo Angel, who since his arrival at the Galaxy has had one of his worst years of his career.

Well aside from all the that, should be a good game, so talk to you guys later. I'll have some pic up after the game :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

friday's project

there isn't a lot of times i get creative at work, once i begin, i cant stop. The logo below is for a friend. It's a networking project he started. Professional look, yet not so professional when you look at it closely, but it get the work done.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


El Fua (Fuerza Universal Aplicada) is the name given to a type of spiritual energy described by a drunk vagabond on the streets of Nayarit, Mexico. The term originated from a news interview with a man on the street who claimed to have psychic powers of “FUA,” which he drunkenly explained as an “inner strength” that can be released to overcome any kind of difficulties, in similar vein to the concept of Chi (Ki) in Eastern philosophy.


my music post for today... Street Sweeper Social Club

Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Boots Riley of The Coup

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let's Talk Soccer

Uncle Sam's Army is in Philadelphia ready to take on the Gold Cup Champions Mexico in a friendly where the new head honcho of the US team Jurgen Klinsmann will make his mark.

Last time these two team faced each other was in the Gold Cup final in front of a sell out crowed in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.

Mexico comes in with 9 starters from last game, only Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez was not called due to a recent concision he received while at practice with Manchester United. His back up, Aldo De Nigris is also out with an injury. My third choice would be Carlos Vela, but do to his lack of game play at club lever with Arsenal, he was left out for this one as well. We would see who De la Torre pics for the man in front.

Dos Santos dribbles away from Howard
For the US, its a new beginning, No more Bradly means no more Bornstein.. and more Edgar Castillo. Klinsmann made it obvious, we need to get these Mexican-Americans into the US game. Both Edgar Castillo, who plays for Club America) and Michael Orozco (currently in San Luis) are getting their second shot at the international level, while José Francisco Torres would also get his return to the US National team.

With the teams ready to face off in a couple hours, I'm exited to say... I love these two teams.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Street cred


Just a quick update...
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