Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Xolos' Number 15

My Bid for Joe Corona's call up to the USMNT. A Los Angeles born winger for the Xolos of Tijuana.

The kid has been having a good year, helping take the Xolos to the Primera Division in Mexico by scoring a goal, and giving and assist. Giving Tijuana it's first ever professional soccer team at the top division. The kid even scored their first ever goal in la primera, and has tallied 2 goals in 5 matches.

But the stats are not what makes him. His game play is solid, keeping the ball rolling with minimal margin or error. He has become a great threat for opposing teams, even with the close and tight defense on him, he remains calm. Many players loss confidence when making a mistake. Joe stays cool and keeps on improving during the game.

and well... duck it, just read Jeff Carlisle article in ESPN about him:
TIJUANA, Mexico -- As Joe Corona sat underneath the stands of Tijuana's Estadio Caliente, he looked content. Despite the fact that he can play international soccer for any one of three countries, there were no obvious signs of inner conflict, no indication of being torn in two. The reason for this is simple: He has been dealing with the push and pull of competing cultures for much of his soccer playing life.

Born in Los Angeles to a Mexican father and a Salvadoran mother, Corona, 21, has been turning heads in the last year for Mexican side Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente. (The club name, shortened to Xolos, refers to a breed of dog native to the region). With his sublime technical ability, vision, and goalscoring instincts, he helped Xolos gain promotion from Mexico's Liga de Ascenso and into the big-time that is the Primera Division. He has already made a splash this season, scoring two goals in six games while playing mostly as a wide midfielder. And his array of skills would clearly benefit any one of three different national teams for which he qualifies.

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